Pruning Certificate

This three-part program, taught by Mike Tanzini of Ted Collins Tree & Landscape, will cover the principles and techniques of pruning shrubs and small trees in the home landscape. Classroom instruction will be supplemented with in-field demonstrations presented at the appropriate time of year. Classes may be taken individually if there is room; with preference given to Certificate students. Session I or another pruning class is a prerequisite for the other sessions.

This certificate program will be offered again in the spring and summer of 2018. Watch for the 2018 RCGC Winter/Spring catalog for dates.

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Professional credits: 

Many of our classes qualify for CNLP credits. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional, visit the New York State Nursery and Landscape Association's website for more information.

If you are a Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional and would like continuing education credits for these classes, email Judy at or call 585/473-5130.

3 classes:

Pruning Session I: The Basics
Early Spring 2018
This session will cover the basic principles of pruning trees and shrubs, including techniques, timing, and the proper equipment. The class will go outside for demonstrations on the grounds of Warner Castle, weather permitting, so dress accordingly.

Pruning Session II: Dormant-Season Pruning
Spring 2018
Head out into the field to learn new skills. The dormant season is a good time to see plant structure and accomplish many pruning tasks. Renovation of overgrown shrubs, pruning of small trees, and corrective pruning will be discussed and demonstrated. Directions will be emailed (or mailed) before the class. Members $36, non-members $46.

Pruning Session III: Summer Pruning
Summer 2018
Many early-blooming trees and shrubs produce flowers on the previous year’s wood, and these are best pruned now, after flowering. Summer is also a good time to shape and thin plants. Learn how to properly prune flowering trees and shrubs, as well as broadleaf evergreens and conifers. Directions to the class site will be emailed (or mailed) before the class.

To register for individual classes, click on the class titles.