10th Annual Seed and Houseplant Swap

Saturday, January 28, 2017
9:30 am-
12:45 pm


 Fee: $15 includes both talks, the swaps, and refreshments.

Join us for our annual January swap – two fun talks, refreshments, and lots of seeds and houseplant cuttings for all. A great opportunity to get together with fellow gardening enthusiasts; beat the winter blues and get a head start on spring.

Bring seeds and houseplant cuttings to swap, if you have them, but come either way – there will be plenty for everyone.



9:30-10:30 am: Fun & Funky Garden Art

There is no better place for self-expression than your own garden - and it's not just about the plants! Ornaments in the garden convey a sense of style and personality. Introducing sculpture, garden art and furniture into the mix is a terrific opportunity to utilize found and made treasures, develop focal points, and add the element of surprise to your garden. One of landscape designer Christine Froehlich's passions is finding inventive garden art. Join her for a slideshow that illustrates practicality, inventive artisry, and humor.

Carolyn will not be able to present:

Winter Care for Houseplants

Master Gardener, RCGC Librarian and houseplant expert Carolyn Van Ness (well known for her expert help at the Seed Swap every year) will discuss the different types of plants that do well indoors in winter, where and how to care for them, trouble-shooting of potential problems such as insects and diseases, repotting, and also what to do with those lovely holiday plants that are starting to look a bit tired.


10:30-11 am: Seed and Houseplant Exchange; refreshments


11:00 am-12 noon: Winter is for the Birds

Winter can be a harsh time for birds as they search for food and water. It's easy to turn your yard into a haven for birds, and they provide an endless source beauty and entertainment to enliven winter for us, as well. Learn how to attract birds to your yard this winter with birdbaths, feeders, houses and more, in this lecture/demo with Liz Magnanti, wildlife conservationist and manager of The Bird House.


12 noon-12:45: Questions, exchange, refreshments


Tips for the Swap

Seeds you have collected (or other fresh seed that you would like to share):

Label with as much information as you can – common name; botanical name; annual, perennial or biennial; hardiness; variety; size; sun, soil, and moisture preferences; bloom time and color. At minimum, note the common name and flower color. If possible, divvy seed into reasonable small quantities in small envelopes with the information written on the envelope. If you need help with this, call the RCGC library; they can provide assistance. If you don’t have coin envelopes or other small envelopes, just bring the seeds and info, and we will have envelopes available here at the event.

Bring in some good-sized pieces of those overgrown monsters you have at home or any special houseplants you are willing to share. Seal the cuttings in a plastic bag with a damp paper towel, or put ends in water in a jar. Or bring the whole plant in its pot!


Carolyn Van Ness, RCGC Librarian

The RCGC library has several books with seed-saving information.